A Parent’s Perspective: Family Year In Review

Looking back over the changes in our family over the past year and we find a lot of interesting things.

To start with our son has shown vast improvements over the past year or so. These have manifested in much better behaviour in school, as well as increased verbalization and communication. I would still not class our son as verbal, because his speech is still extremely limited except in rare circumstances and his use of his speech is extremely rare. He has improved his abilities in technology to compensate for his lack and this has led to improved performance at school. This has been coupled with the fact that certain people within his support system have made an extraordinary effort to make sure he is involved in as much as he can be, and to make sure that he is given the tools to express his answers to testing questions to allow for the most accurate test results.

He is now performing at or near grade level in almost all areas which is remarkable given his communication issues. They are also reporting he is willing to sit in circle for most (if not all) the mandated time. He still get’s his one on one support (which due to his high flight risk and unwillingness to stay on task without redirection is absolutely necessary) and these things do help to keep him on track.

What I am truly looking forward to with our son is continuing to monitor his progress.

We have now also had our youngest daughter tentatively diagnosed as ODD and OCD which adds a bit of a tangent to how we approach things.

And with both autism and ODD in the house we also have to make sure we are making the effort to make sure our older daughter is not left always having to settle because of her siblings behaviours, quirks and desires.

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